Licence and Insurance


Please note the Canal and River Trust (CRT) are ‘hit and miss’ sending out licence reminders. If you have not received yours, by the end of the previous month, ring them for clarification on 0303 040 4040.
Renewing your licence through the Club will gain commission of between £25 and £30 (5%) per licence, for your Club funds. If your circumstances permit, please process through Margaret Malpass, or Jo Craven, who will also answer any queries you may have.
For security reasons, when paying by credit/debit card, only complete the last four numbers of your card on the form. CRT will contact you, by phone, for the full number. They will only accept the number from the named licence holder.
Also note, if you need to pay by direct debit, you will NOT receive your early payment discount or your Club commission.


Please make sure Kim Taylor has a copy of your current insurance policy and you must be covered for £3 million liability.