Event Dates


February 17th                                    AGM Social Committee

March 2nd                                          Dinner and Dance Burntwood Court Hotel

March 10th                                         SYBC Annual General Meeting

March 23rd/24th                                Inland Cruise (Goole)

March 30th                                         Club Night – Fitting Out Supper  

April 6th                                              Club Night

April 19th-22nd                                   Easter weekend cruise (Selby)

May 4th-6th                                          Mayday Holiday Cruise (Leeds)

May 11th                                              Club Night – Race night

May 25th-27th                                     Spring Bank Holiday Cruise (Stanley                                                                                                                              ferry)

June 8th                                               Flag Offices BBQ

June 15th / 16th                                   Inland Cruise Sprotborough

July 6th / 7th                                        Beanfeast

August 3rd/4th                                    Gathering of Boats

August 24th – 26th                              Bank Holiday Cruise (Woodlesford)

August 31st September 1st               Clean Up Weekend

September 6th – 8th                          Open Weekend

October 5th                                        Club Night

October 12th / 13th                            Inland Cruise (Thorne)

November 2nd                                  Club Night – Bonfire Night / Halloween

November 9th / 10th                         Inland Cruise (Castleford)

November 23rd / 24th                      Inland Cruise (Doncaster Christmas                                                                                                                               market)

November 30th                                Children’s Christmas Party

December 7th                                   Christmas Dinner

December 14th                                 German Christmas Market and Carol                                                                         evening

December 21st                                   Sea Cadets Christmas Party 

December 31st                                   New Years Eve Celebration (Tuesday)

January 1st 2020                                Inland Cruise (Knottingley)

January 18th  2020                            Adult Party Night

February 8th 2020                             Club Night (Presidents Evening)

March 7th 2020                                 Dinner and Dance

These dates and details are subject to change by Social or Main Committee.   Information of any changes made will be posted on the notice board.